Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Azizi Ali(Millionaires Planet)

If Tony Fernandes is synonym with Richard Branson, Azizi Ali of Millionaires Planet can be considered Malaysia's very own Robert Kiyosaki. Azizi Ali made his fortune after accumulating wealth through the property business and investment, and is said to have a total asset in excess of RM5 millions in value to date by diversifying into different property businesses. 
Azizi seems to have undergone a slightly different paths in his quest to achieve a millionaire status. During his youth as a pilot, Azizi found it amusing to realize how fast his money was gone even though having a decent income as a commercial pilot. Then he figured out the way to become rich is by being in the business.
He made a quick research and calculations and execute his plan to open up a music shop, only to realize that life in business is not easy and path to riches did not come cheap.  He discovered at that time that he was not a business material, having lost a few hundred thousands of capital and effort. 
Even though the music shop business almost destroyed his financial life, he never stopped looking for ways to become rich. He started to learn about financial literacy, which in turned helped to put him in a much better financial position. He also learnt that many rich people out there capitalize on the money that they have by venturing into property business and enjoy passive income from the rented properties. Azizi Ali liked this idea as this means he can reach the quest of being a millionaire while at the same time keeping his day job as a pilot.
Azizi shares his knowledge, secret and techniques by conducting workshops and seminars on property. Apart from that, he is also active in writing books as well as featuring in the media and press. He has so far authored many books which have become best sellers, which include:
1. Millionaires are from Different Planet!
2. The Millionaire in Me
3. How to Become a Property Millionaire
4. How to Become a Millionaire Landlord
5. Mxe!
6. The Millionaire's Chronicle
Azizi's love for knowledge and hunger for continued education has enable him to attain the status not many Malaysians can achieve. Apart from being a millionaire and a pilot, at the same time he is also a Chartered Financial Consultant (ChFC) and also holds an MBA from Bath University, UK.

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