Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Maznah Hamid - The iron lady

Known as the Iron Lady of Malaysia, Datuk Maznah Hamid is a very well known entrepreneur, business woman as well as a famous motivational author and speaker. Long, long time ago, in a galaxy far far away, Datuk Maznah decided to buy an almost bankrupt, unknown security company and turned into a multi-million, respectable empire.
During the early days, she employed a few guards, with herself being jack of all trades in the small outfit - clerk, secretary, manager and sometimes the guard herself! And in order to expand the business, she and the husband sold their own house and moved to a new, smaller place which come without proper amenities.
With only a few thousands capital of their own, her company has to compete with hundreds of other licensed security companies in Malaysia, with many of them were established with up to millions of capital. And against all competition, the company survived and triumphed.
The company, Securiforce now is one of the biggest security companies in Malaysia, having more than 30 branches across Malaysia and employing more than 4000 employees. And all of this is achieved without financial help or capital from financial institutions.
Alongside with other prominent Malaysian business icons, Datuk Maznah become one of the entrepreneurs who build and grow companies and play important roles as a leader, strategist, while contributing to the overall growth and improvement of the society's life in Malaysia.  
Datuk Maznah has also established Maznah Motivational Centre, MMC, which conducts seminar on business and human development. Her book "Motivasi Memburu Kejayaan" is a best seller and has become the source of guidance to the aspiring entrepreneurs who can learn from her own experience, principles and secrets in her quest to achieve success and excellence.

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