Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Hairul Faizal Hussain

Profil Usahawan Pilihan


Hairul Faizal Hussain is the founder of Creative Makeover Bike and Car Saloon. He had undergone 18 years of experiences in automotive makeover. His innovative and creative skills lead him to overcome automotive industrial designation that creates a mind blowing experience towards his customer.

Appointing services for automotive makeover from all type of transportation and also others car accessories like sport rim to other non-automotive hardware like refrigerator. Some of his customer does not bother to pay up to RM3000 and above to experiences his team art work of masterpiece. The process of sticking stickers to motorcycle will take up to 8 hours while car take 2 days of process.

Apart from his services, some of his customer would come up with their own design ideas such as MotoGP example for their transportation makeover. While some of them would put their hope onto his team creative skills to design their vehicles. Besides, the prices of the services are based on the types of material, angle of transformation and designation packages. The painting for sticker will be in the range of RM120 to Rm600 for motorcycle while car cost about Rm300 and above. The cost for air brush might hold up to RM3000 and above.

He accompanied with 20 others entrepreneurs with the same business venture came out to promote a club entitles Malaysia Airbrush Artist (MAA) which is a non-profit organization. From that, they discussing and share ideas in addition with supporting of each other business.

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